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Nursing Assistant Program Clincial Rotations at Highline Community College

Clinical  Experience

nurse helping

One of the key components of Highline's Nursing Assistant Certified (NAC) Program is the clinical experience. Students will complete 10 hours of in class lab time and 40 hours of clinical time.  During the clinical, students apply theory learned in the classroom to practice in a clinical setting, which results in 50 hours of "hands-on" experience.

Clinical placements are at a local skilled nursing facilities. Times will vary depending on availability at the facility.


  • Clinical sites will accept placement of only those students who are insured against malpractice liability for actions or inactions occurring in the clinical setting. 
  • Students participating in the clinical education program will be covered either by a student medical malpractice policy offered through the College, or acquired by the student through another source. 
  • The limits of such coverage shall be, at a minimum, $1,000,000 per occurrence. 
  • Certificates of such coverage purchased by the student will be provided to the clinical site upon request. Should any student lack adequate proof of insurance, the clinical site can refuse to accept the student for placement.
  • The clinical site will perform an independent background check on all NAC students.  The clinical site reserves the right to prohibit any student from participating in clinicals.